July 7, 2009

Temporary Living Situations: A Review of the Basic Equipment to Bring

Emma Christensen at the Kitchn was recently forced to move temporarily into a small apartment with just enough space for the bare kitchen essentials. If this sounds like your permanent living space (I know it describes mine perfectly), take a look at this list of the kitchen essentials she brought along. As you stock your own kitchen, her list might be a good guide.

Emma’s list (including items already in the kitchen and those she wishes she’d brought. See the original post for more details.):

  • 6.5-quart dutch oven
  • 12” cast-iron skillet
  • loaf pan
  • chef’s knife
  • paring knife
  • bread knife
  • cutting board
  • 4-cup liquid measuring cup
  • set of measuring cups
  • set of measuring spoons
  • whisk
  • corkscrew
  • A wooden spoon and a spatula
  • refrigerator containers for leftovers
  • Pyrex bowls
  • 2 quart aluminum sauce pan
  • casserole dish
  • baking sheet
  • colander
  • A cheese grater
  • A microplane zester
  • A cooling rack
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